CSI Lasvegas Season 14 DVD

CSI Lasvegas 14 is a Season and hit the criminal drama masterpiece. Content is to describe a set of forensic scientists how to through survey of crime scene evidence and detection of the case story, there from 2000 to date, for 12 seasons, the ratings have been in the top ten, is a rare gold long life drama.

CSI Lasvegas Season 14 DVD Box set drama shows many leading cutting-edge high-tech detection technology: ballistics, risk factors for criminology, forensic toxicology, identified DNA rupture, bite marks and blood analysis, tooth science, trace, a high IQ crime, abnormal psychology, and so on… Waiting for ordinary audience’s eyes is so mysterious and working hard. The show caused a global big boom, forensic science amateur detectives are also said to be a lot of area school training films. TV drama, or the United States always have so a what all want to make the world tide wave of the spirit.

CSI Lasvegas Season 14 DVD main scenario cities in famous Las Vegas, Las Vegas is the main reason is the police station of the crime is the second most active in laboratories, second only to the federal bureau of investigation in Virginia LABS. Actually there was an oasis in the desert, because of special decrees, 30 s downtown casinos have set up overnight, name to declare. After the second world war, large resorts, amusement parks and luxury hotel also followed, and from famous attractions from Las Vegas, the grand canyon is the most perfect route, more attracts millions of tourists. Each episode of CSI story begin from Las Vegas night, fans of the overlooking the Las Vegas night bright neon aerial footage with the background sound of sirens and noisy music must be very familiar with. Yes, Las Vegas is the city that never sleeps, adult fantasy world. Here’s another important thing is to watch all kinds of performance. Large hotels have a nightclub, dinner show, show, or call for new and well-known artists, clip in small card artist performance, or for a Broadway musical, drama, acrobatics and so on, colorful, the stunt is dye-in-the-wood. Most of these performances are very popular, and must make an appointment.